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Anticancer Drugs
Anticancer Drugs manufactured and supplied by our company are commonly used for the treatment of mild to chronic cancer. Get these drugs in bulk at a reasonable and low price.
HIV Drugs
We are a renowned name which deals in manufacturing and supplying of HIV Drugs that are available in tablet and capsule forms as per the order placed by our customers. Buy these medicines from us with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Neurology / Oncology Medicine
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Neurology / Oncology Medicine. Customers can get these highly active and safe to use drugs in bulk with the assurance of fast delivery.
Pharmaceutical Medicines
To treat various ailments, we are providing an enormous collection of Pharmaceutical Medicines. These are highly used in many medical centers, hospitals, clinics and pharmacy to give an excellent treatment.
Asthmatic Medicine
Acute asthma episodes are treated with Asthmatic Medicines, which quickly widen the airways and relieve the symptoms. To enjoy healthy, active lifestyles while maintaining a well-managed condition, people with asthma must balance both types of asthma drugs in a specialized treatment plan.
Psychiatric Drugs
Psychiatric drugs are essential in the field of mental health because they enable people to live more satisfying lives by controlling their symptoms and raising their general standard of living. The dopamine receptors in the brain are the focus of these medications, which successfully lessen hallucinations, delusions, and other severe symptoms connected to these diseases.
Syrup & Drops
This category celebrates the art and science of liquid healing, whether you are looking for the sweet embrace of Syrup & Drops. The preferred option for people looking for quick, accurate, and often adaptable treatments is syrup and drops.
Antibiotic Medicines
For those with weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients or organ transplant recipients, Antibiotic Medicines are crucial because they help shield them from opportunistic bacterial infections that can be fatal. Modern medicine would not be complete without antibiotics, which serve as strong partners in the continuous fight against bacterial illnesses.
Cream & Gel
Cream & Gels, as crucial elements of contemporary healthcare, are constantly evolving, using cutting-edge research and technology to offer efficient treatments for a variety of medical and dermatological problems. Both offer localized treatment, minimizing systemic side effects and providing targeted relief.
Cardiovascular Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine treats heart and blood vessel conditions. Amlodipine Besylate Tablet dilates blood vessels to lower blood pressure; Atenolol Tablets reduce heart rate; Fenofibrate Tablets lower cholesterol. Side effects may include dizziness, fatigue. Dosage instructions vary. Shelf life typically 2-3 years. Available in oral tablet formulations. Consult healthcare provider for guidance.
Anti-Allergic Medicine
Anti-allergic medicines alleviate allergic reactions. Voriconazole Tablets combat fungal infections, while Cinnarizine Tablets relieve allergic rhinitis and motion sickness. They are general medicines supplied typically in 1000 pieces. Storage in a dry, cool place is essential. Dosage should strictly adhere to doctor's recommendations. Always consult a healthcare professional for guidance.
Anti-Diabetic Medcine
Anti-diabetic medicines regulate blood sugar levels. Dapagliflozin Tablets promote glucose excretion, Alfacalcidol Capsules improve insulin sensitivity, Glibenclamide Tablets stimulate insulin release. They are general medicines, typically in tablet form. Dosage should follow doctor's instructions. Store in a dry, cool place. Regular monitoring and lifestyle adjustments are crucial for effective management.

Gastrology Medicine
Gastrology Medicine treats gastrointestinal disorders. Pantoprazole Sodium, Esomeprazole, and Rabeprazole Sodium Tablets are proton pump inhibitors, reducing stomach acid production. They're used for GERD, ulcers, gastritis. These medications provide relief from heartburn, acid reflux. Proper dosage, adherence, and consultation with a healthcare provider are essential.

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